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Excessive Sweating 0

Excessive Sweating is “the Pits”!

It has been a very hot summer so far, and we know that it can be a struggle coordinating your outfit every day with the heat in mind. Different fabrics and colors show off...


Let’s Talk About ThermiVa!

Though some women may blush at the notion of vaginal rejuvenation, the truthis that this noninvasive and transformative treatment is actually more beneficial than most people think. From genetics to childbirth to the natural...

Rejuvenate Your Femininity with ThermiVa 0

Benefits of ThermiVa

What is ThermiVa? ThermiVa is a NEW non-surgical procedure for labia and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. ThermiVa is the first and only temperature controlled radio frequency system for women who want results in sexual...