Thighs and Knee Skin Tightening

Thighs and Knee Skin Tightening

Excess fat deposits are one of the most common causes of skin distortion in the knees and thighs. Flabbiness, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity are usually the result of poor circulation to the skin, and this is in turn caused by unwanted fat buildup underneath the dermal layers.

ThermiRF heat treatment is a new, virtually non-invasive method for removal of excess fat underneath the skin. It is being hailed as the next generation skin tightening procedure, and it is rapidly becoming the preferred means of eliminating skin folds and wrinkles.

Unlike potentially dangerous chemical procedures such as Botox, ThermiRF treatment involves the use of a specialized heat probe in combination with an infrared monitor. This is good news for anyone looking to get rid of those ugly thigh or knee wrinkles.

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Reducing Fat Deposits and Increasing Skin Elasticity

The Thermi heat treatment system uses a small probe that is inserted underneath the skin. Depending on the type of treatment and the thickness of the skin itself, the probe may be positioned directly below the epidermis, in the fat buildup layer, or in the uppermost neural layer.

This gentle application of heat will actually melt away a portion of the fat deposits. The result is a more supple skin surface, a decrease in the size and number of wrinkles, and an almost immediate increase in skin elasticity.

The procedure is monitored with an infrared display that allows the cosmetic surgeon to accurately pinpoint the areas in need of heat treatment. Generally, these procedures are completed in less than one hour.

Is This Type Of Heat Treatment Painful?

The probe is very small, and the procedure is practically non-invasive. A series of anesthetic injections are given just prior to inserting the probe. The patient feels no pain or extreme heat during the procedure. The probe is inserted just through the epidermis on the knee or thigh area being treated. The equipment has a simple temperature monitor that allows for the exact application of heat for the proper duration.

After the procedure is complete, a heat pad wrap is applied to the knee or thigh. This helps to eliminate any pain as the anesthetic wears off. Patients are back to their normal routine in less than 24 hours.

An Alternative to Chemical Injections

Some people are wary of chemical treatments or liposuction procedures. There is good reason to be concerned. These fat-reducing procedures and skin-tightening measures often have dangerous side effects. However, the ThermiRF treatment involves only the application of targeted heat via a small probe, and the patient endures no lasting effects from the probe’s heat. There is absolutely no danger of tissue degradation when this method is employed.

Growing rapidly in popularity, this new type of cosmetic procedure is affordable and safe, and it promises superior results without the need for specialized plastic surgery or chemical treatments.

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