What is ThermiVa, the Latest in Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is ThermiVa, the Latest in Nonsurgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Ok, Ladies. It’s time to talk plain. These days, we’re no longer trying to hide that we’ve had “work done.” Instead, we’re talking up our dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons during Girls’ Night Out. Most of us love to share strategies, procedures, and products that keep our skin youthful or that give us a lift here and there. But even with our best girlfriends, we rarely talk about what’s going on with our vaginas.

All of us wonder at one point or another what happens to our most feminine part after childbirth and menopause. It’s just not something our mothers talked about.

At MedSpa, women sometimes come to us in tears asking if there’s something wrong with them because they’re losing vaginal moisture or because they have sagging skin where they never did before. After we give each one a hug, we tell her two things:

  1. It’s normal
  2. We can help

“Normal?” you ask.

Yes, normal.

Believe it or not, labiaplasty (plastic surgery altering the folds of skin surrounding the vulva) is one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures today. In fact, between 2012 and 2013, the number of labiaplasties performed in the US increased by 44%!

The 5,000 women who had the surgery are brave souls who were serious about addressing the functional and cosmetic concerns they had about their vaginas. They must have been because labiaplasty is an invasive, surgical procedure that requires significant downtime (including 6 weeks of no sex!).

Can you imagine what the numbers might look like if there were a procedure that was non-surgical and required no downtime?

Well guess what.

Now there is.

Introducing ThermiVa

ThermiVa is an in-office cosmetic procedure that uses a combination of radio frequency and thermal heat to treat laxity of the feminine tissue caused by:

  • Aging
  • Menopause
  • Childbirth
  • Weight gain/loss
  • Vaginal trauma

ThermiVa technology uses gentle heat to tighten the skin and promote new collagen. In just three 30-minute sessions, spaced a month apart, ThermiVa changes women’s lives – without the pain, surgery, narcotics, downtime, and restrictions associated with labiaplasty.

Some ThermiVa patients are new moms looking to get back their vaginal elasticity and sensitivity following childbirth. Others are older women with mild-stress incontinence or cosmetic vaginal laxity brought on by the aging process. No matter why they come, ThermiVa patients are always glad they do.

Benefits of ThermiVa include:

  • Increased lubrication
  • Increased sexual response
  • Shrinkage of excess tissue
  • Elimination of urinary leakage caused by sagging tissue

Some women begin to experience the results of ThermiVa following the first session. The benefits are long lasting, and as if that weren’t enough, ThermiVa patients can resume sexual activity the same night as the procedure!

Yes, you heard right.

No downtime, and no restrictions on sex following your ThermiVa treatments.

You can even schedule sessions for your lunch break and head right back to work.

Is ThermiVa right for you?

At MedSpa in Delhi, we want you to feel good about yourself and live the life you were meant to live. If you think vaginal rejuvenation will help restore your youthful confidence and femininity, call us to schedule a consultation.  Let’s talk about whether ThermiVa is right for you. contact MedSpa Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery today at 09958221983, 9818369662 or visit thermitreatments.com.


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