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ThermiVa Testimonial - Dr. Alinsod Patient 3

Dear Dr. Alinsod,
Now that I have completed all my treatments I wanted to give you my impression on ThermiVa. The treat- ments have really been wonderful and quite easy. I had no blisters, no burns, no discharge, and not a single complication. I had sex the same day of my treatments and I went to my gym immediately and it’s as if no procedure had been done. It’s crazy! Your design for ThermiVa handle so comfortable and very slim that I barely felt it being inserted and I felt just gentle pressure. All I felt was pleasing warmth on my labia and my vagina. It really helped that you were gentle and slow and did not rush. Putting a tampon inside is probably more uncomfortable than using your device. Your device was smooth and rounded and not scary at all.
So Dr. Alinsod, let me summarize how I felt immediately after your treatments and how it is now that I am months done. The first treatment definitely got me tighter and my husband and I loved it. It wasn’t’ imme- diate for me and it took me two weeks before I felt significantly tighter. I got tighter more after the second treatment and then even more after the third treatment. My husband said that my muscles felt stronger and that I had better grip and more noticeable friction. He loved the way the outside labia looked and he said it made a big difference visually. My husband said I look more youthful and pretty and appealing. Men are so visual. Appearance and comfort was so much better in both our eyes. Now I can wear my tighter clothing without the rubbing or at least not feeling irritated anymore. There was no difference in my vaginal moisture or how I got wet but that had never been a problem for me. My orgasms come quicker now with the same intensity and there’s been no change in the frequency of my orgasms. I’m not sure why my orgasms are better but perhaps it can be because of my improved appearance giving me more confidence and less self consciousness worries. For sure I can feel my husband more and I’m definitely tighter.
I couldn’t have multiple orgasms in the past now I’m able to have multiple orgasms for the first time in my life. I have more sensitivity. The strength of my orgasms are about the same as before but it feels better for some reason I can’t really explain. Anyway this is probably the best lunchtime rejuvenation available out there! I’d pay for this procedure over and over and over!
I’m so glad you included me in your study. This is really going to help so many women around the world. I hope you get this out in the market soon and train doctors from all over the world.
With sincere thanks,
(Patient of Dr. Alinsod)