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ThermiVa Testimonial - Dr. Alinsod Patient 6

Dear Dr. Alinsod,
You asked me to write about my experience so I hope you don’t mind that I am writing you not a very formal letter. I think it’s better if I write from my heart. Thanks so much for taking care of me this past year. It has really changed my life in so many different ways. You have been so kind and open with me. You understood my needs and insecurities as a dancer and adult entertainer. So you knew how important this whole ThermiVa treatment was for me.
When you first started ThermiVa early last year I noticed immediately how the texture and tightness of my labia majora improved. Super dramatic changes for sure which got rid of my camel toes. Gave me lots more confidence when I performed. On the inside I had more vaginal tightness and it just kept getting tighter. My boyfriend loved the way it looks and how I was suddenly able to have orgasms one right after another when in the past I had none before treatments. My two kids really messed up my vagina and I thought I would never have orgasms again! It had been over 5 years since I had one before you treated me. Now I have multiple orgasms and they are super intense since the treatments. They are the “good kind” of orgasms and they come within seconds of each other to about three minutes apart. At one time I had seven in a row, which was completely unbelievable. I used to have only orgasms with oral or manual stimulation but now I’m able to have orgasms with penetration. This is really important to me. When you first treated me I was a little bit worried that you got me too tight because I couldn’t insert my vibrators anymore. But now I don’t need them because I can have great sex with my boyfriend and have orgasms without the toys. I notice I am more aroused and more wet and don’t need lubrication anymore. I don’t know how ThermiVa has done this whether it helped heal some of my nerves or if it’s all in my head because now I feel healthier and sexier. I know the radiofrequency has helped both the inside and outside my vagina. Doesn’t really matter if it is mental or physical healing with me, it helped!
You asked me also if there were any areas I thought it didn’t help at all. Well, it didn’t help me with my urination because I really had no problems with it before treatments. I don’t leak when I cough or sneeze or jump around and exercise. I do have less feeling that I have to go all the time after the treatments. I don’t know what that’s about. One thing I did notice was that I had more control of my urine stream. My urina- tion muscles are stronger and I can start and stop anytime I want now. Some other things I noticed where that my labia majora were softer and smoother but also more full feeling. I said earlier they feel more comfortable when I’m in tight clothes like jeans or bikinis.
So Dr. Alinsod, I will definitely be a regular customer coming to your office every six months. There is no way I want to lose what I have gained from your treatments. Have told all my close friends about you. Seeing you is so worth the drive.
(Patient of Dr. Alinsod)