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ThermiVa Testimonial - Dr. Alinsod Patient 7

I have now finished all three of the ThermiVa treatments and am still in awe of the results I have gotten. I can’t believe all this has happened to me without the need for surgery and with treatments that were com- fortable, felt actually good, and were totally relaxing. And having absolutely no downtime was great. I could have sex the same day as the treatment, had no blisters, burns, or complications.
I was pessimistic at first after Dr. Alinsod did my first ThermiVa treatment. It only took half an hour and I was relaxed during the treatment of both my labia majora and my outer and inner vagina. I noticed some tight- ness immediately on the majora but did not feel a huge change inside my vagina during the first two weeks. I thought I was the failure for his treatments. So many other women had amazing and lasting results and here I was thinking “Great, it would be me that does not respond!” Then 10 days after the first treatment my vagina got really really tight! Significantly tighter! I felt better muscular control and increased strength in my vagina and urinary muscles and my husband sure felt that benefit! He also liked the tightness and softness of my labia majora and the moist smoothness inside my vagina. One thing I really liked was that my labia majora did not sag anymore and I got rid of the “Camel Toes.” Never thought that would happen without surgery.
I used to have this pain on the left side of my vagina, for decades in fact. It was always tender when hit. The wand that Dr. Alinsod used treated that area on the floor of my vagina, a very sore muscle probably, and now the muscle is not sore at all! There is no more pain, as if my muscles were healed. That sure makes a world of difference not and both Dr. Alinsod and I can’t really explain how a painful and sore area of muscle is now non-painful and working more strongly and more coordinated. I know radiofrequency treatments are used for sore and damaged muscles for professional athletes and physical therapy offices so now I can related to others who have had relief of muscle pain due to the healing effects of radiofrequency. Dr. Alinsod told me that it does encourage new collagen to form does help with tissue healing. I am a prime example.
There is one other wonderful thing I have noticed that got better with each ThermiVa treatment and that is the control of my urine. Dr. Alinsod did not do the treatments on me for the control of urine but simply to tighten my labia and vagina. When I reported to him that I leaked less urine, in fact I don’t leak at all now since after the first treatment, he told me that it was a pleasant result of tightening the “pubocervical fascia” that help with urine control and fallen bladders. I can hold my urine longer now, can produce a stronger squeeze to prevent accidents, and can make it to the bathroom in plenty of time.
Lastly, I also noticed that after treatment around my clitoral nerves and the supposed G-Spot, my orgasms are now easier to achieve. I can’t have multiple orgasms and my orgasms are about the same intensity but now it does not take me all night to get there! What a wonderful thing! I did not even have many orgasms before treatment and now it seems like I can get one on any lovemaking with my husband. I enjoy the lovemaking between my husband and I more and the stress and anxiety of getting that orgasm is gone. It is just a pleasure now being with my husband. That is worth everything. ThermiVa has really been a blessing for us. I hope it becomes available to all my friends and family.
With hope and happiness,
(Patient of Dr. Alinsod)