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ThermiVa Testimonial - Dr. Alinsod Patient 8

Dear Dr. Alinsod,
I wanted to write you a letter about the ThermiVa treatment you gave me over a month ago. I know I have two more to go but thought it would be important for you to know how your patients feel and respond after just one treatment. First of all, ThermiVa was a gentle and comfortable massage-like treatment that caused absolutely no discomfort for me. It was nice for me to guide the treatments by telling you to go up or down on the heat. No anesthesia, no zaps, no numbing creams to use. I heard the laser treatments gave you little shocks or rubber band snaps that sometimes needed numbing. Glad to avoid that.
Let me start with the effects I saw on the outside and then go inside. My majora felt tighter and more snug, less bulgy and fatty, and much more comfortable in my jeans with less rubbing irritation. I had the problem with thickened skin (my dermatitis) and I can say that my skin now feels thinner and normal and I have less itching there. I really did not want to use my steroids cream anymore and this radiofrequency has helped a ton. I hope the next couple of treatments improve it more.
Internally, my vaginal definitely feels tighter in the opening and down deep. My partner certainly noticed the tightening and better lubrication and he was a very happy camper. I noticed more wetness too and was surprised how much it was when I was aroused, a very pleasant surprise. Getting to my orgasms took a shorter period of time, which was great. The orgasms felt amazing and quite different than my usual. It was better. The clitoral area was much more sensitive in a good way probably because there was some pulling back of my clitoral hood from the shrinkage of loose skin. It was not irritating and was quite pleasing. Inside my vagina on the G-Spot area was also a new pleasurable sensation that was very stimulating. It is hard to describe other than to say it felt really good. I am extremely happy with what I have experienced in ThermiVa Treatment #1. I will definitely tell others about this and will recommend it highly. The flights from Northern California are well worth it. Now I know why your patients fly in from Texas, Arizona, and from all over the world.
Warmest regards,
(Patient of Dr. Alinsod)