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ThermiVa Physician Testimonials - Drs. Dickerson

Team ThermiVa,
We have begun our initial ThermiVa treatments and it has been just as Dr. Alinson said “amazing results”!
… I went from the desert to the rain forest
… It was worth every penny
… I was impressed and so was my husband
I also wanted to share a few things we have learned in our practice for possible CAC sharing:

  • Our staff calls them “magic wands”
  • After using the wands we sterilized them and use them with our consultants. It makes thinks less intimidating and eases anxiety. Also we are able to show them the “red” safety device as well for marketing. We also have a big “DEMO” label on them as well

Edward Dickerson, MD
Red as you know I am the aesthetic surgeon and my wife is the gynecologists and our practices are located in the same building. This the first entity that we can help common patients for a common goal. We do all the procedures in my MedSpa and they are performed by my RN who has a urology background. Our ThermiVa patients’ results are as consistent as advertized. We look forward to participating in this project together. Even for those patients who were considering a labiaplasty they are considering the ThermiVa due to virtually no risk. During our consultations we ask them if you have the desire to improve of either laxity? dryness? sensation? leaking? Then you have the potential of improvement in all the others as well. Neither Botox, surgery, or medications stimulate an “immediate WOW response” after treatment from our patients and their partner like ThermiVa.
Drs. Edward & Andrea Dickerson, Simple, Effective, Significant