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ThermiVa Physician Testimonial - Soyini M Hawkins, MD, MPH

"The ThermiVa patient is unique. She is seeking discretion in treating a very personal concern. Many are looking for improvement in aesthetic appearance, some desire increased sensation and lubrication, but, all desire a better sexual experience overall. What we have experienced as physicians administering ThermiVa therapy for our patients is immediate results and gratification. The tissue literally changes before our eyes. When patients return for their next session and note a remarkable difference in their look, feel and pleasure it makes the thirty minute long, one on one session absolutely worth it. It’s an exciting sense of accomplishment, similar to what is felt immediately post op.
Our ThermiVa patients have quoted delight from their partners as well; some of which are oblivious to the fact that they are even having the treatments. One patient commented that her partner told her “I don’t know what you’re doing, but keep on doing it”! Another’s husband said she hasn’t felt that good since before she had children. We can tell a remarkable difference in the tightness of the probe from one session to the next, and yes we actually do remember the severity of laxity encountered at the initial visit because the change is that dramatic. So far as physicians, Drs. Miklos, Moore and I are very pleased with the ThermiVa results we have seen in our patients. We have turned skeptical optimists into believers and lifelong Thermi clients. We have not yet tried the entire Thermi line but with these results we will not be able to keep the patients at bay."
Soyini M. Hawkins, MD, MPH, International Urogynecology Associates of Atlanta and Beverly Hills