Deep wrinkles are caused by the intense movement of muscles. On the face, these are most visible in the glabella, known as “frown lines”, also on outer side of the eyes, “crows’ feet”, and forehead wrinkles. Platysmal bands are very unflattering and can be targeted with ThermiRase®. Until recently, BOTOX® was the only solution, by inactivating the muscles responsible for the movement causing these wrinkles, which lasted for 3-4 months.

A new reliable and safe alternative is now available, giving visible results immediately after the treatment - ThermiRase®. ThermiRase® lasts longer and the injection of a toxin is avoided. The results last up to 18 months. In a recent study, results lasted for more than 18 months in approximately 80% of the patients treated.

ThermiRase is performed by precisely disabling the nerves which control the muscles which cause glabella frown lines and forehead wrinkles Your physician will locate the nerve, inject a drop of local anesthesia and treat (apply heat for about one minute). The effect is immediate.

ThermiRase® is a selective radio frequency treatment which is from the USA and is USFDA approved. This micro-invasive procedure which uses the heat produced by radio frequencies to target specific nerve tissue. It inactivates the nerves which control the muscles responsible for the lines resulting in frown lines, crows feet, forehead lines, and platysmal bands.

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With ThermiRase®, disabling heat is administered along the nerve pathways which controls the muscles. Our physician locates the nerve with precision, and then administers local anesthesia, which makes this a very comfortable procedure. Heat is applied for approximately one minute, to give immediate results.


"I wanted something that would last much longer than Botox..."